Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jon & Kate + Hate

Tonight I watched the "Beach Trip" episode of Jon&Kate+8 and was inspired to find out exactly where they went since it looked so much like where my parents own a condo. It turned out to be close but no cigar. This googling session happened to also lead me to a video from Aunt Jodi. After dismissing Aunt Jodi's sister's blog a couple weeks ago as jealous ramblings, I finally took the time to read it through which took me about an hour. The latest entry which includes this video of Jodi verifying the claims her sister has made 'in print', was what changed my mind. I read the posts in chronological order this time which helped me to better understand her tone, rather than just reading the last entry as I did previously. So for those that haven't taken the time to read it here's the summary.  Keep in mind this is just my recap of her posts (in case the Gosselins see this little post and get pissed): 

  • The production company offered to pay Jodi for opening her home to the camera crew via Kate starting with Season 2
  • Kate, without discussing it with Jodi, said no and said "no one but us gets paid" and "no one will make money off our family"
  • The production company broached the issue again at the start of filming season 3
  • Kate refused again
  • The production company approached Jodi directly, and off-the-record shared the backstory with her
  • She didn't believe it and her husband Kevin, Kate's brother, asked Kate it this was true.
  • Kate verified it and laughed.
  • Kate then decided to replace Jodi's services and got TLC to pay for child-care (Jenny)
  • Jodi approached Kate and said it wasn't about the money and still wants to be a part of the kids' life.
  • Kate refused saying how could she expect her to do it for free (even though she was doing it for free for years).
  • Jodi is now involuntarily estranged from the eight children she helped raise.
Between the video from Aunt Jodi and this 3 year old article in a Pittsburgh newspaper I'm beginning to believe Jodi's sister's account of what happened. Reading it through was really heartbreaking especially when she recounts her son's reaction to watching GumGate.
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