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Parental Controls - The V-chip of 2011

I've done something that I swore I'd never do, I've set ratings limits on my TV. As a kid/teen/young adult I swore I'd never use the V-chip on my kids. My thought was, how can you not be around to see what your kids are watching that you need to lock down your TV!? Now with the wisdom of 5 years as a parent, I can't watch my kids every second of the day, and for that 30 seconds I leave them to go to the bathroom, they somehow always turn on Wanted or 300 or Zombieland or _____(fill in the blank with a rated R movie I own). My 20 year old self would be very disappointed, but my 33 year old self says "You don't know what you're talking about." (P.S. He'd totally be geeking out our setup at my house though with our iMac-based home media server with 150 GB of movies played via a settop box (AppleTV) on an HDTV. 1998 Brian thinks that's AWESOME!)